Citadelles de feu

Citadels of fire
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As part of the event "Luxembourg and its wider area, European capital of culture 2007" and the tricentenary of the death of Vauban, an number of towns with Vauban heritage will be united and illuminated to organise an event for the general public. Each of the sites will host à music and fire itinerary, to invite you to discover or rediscover these places steeped in history. The aim is not commemorate the monuments, whitnesses to a bellicose past, but to transforme them into poetic worlds and to create a work of contemporary and universal art that is open to all. This operation, produced by Aparté 57 association, with the support of the regional council of Lorraine, is confided to the carabosse company (from French department Deux-Sèvres). Other invited artists will join us to these evenings with free access. 28 avril : Luxembourg (Luxembourg) 25 mai : Sibiu (Roumania) 16 juin : Saarlouis (Deutschland) 30 juin : Bitche (France, Moselle) 7 juillet : Longwy (France, Meurthe-et-Moselle) 25 août : Toul (France, Meurthe-et-Moselle) 15 septembre : Marsal (France, Moselle)
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