Vauxbuin French National Cemetery


1919 – creation (Battles of, 1914-18)


1920 to 1930: bodies were gathered together from military cemeteries around the region of Soissons, La Crise, and north of Savières Brook.

Vauxbuin French National Cemetery lies alongside national highway RN 2, on the right when coming from Soissons headed toward Villers-Cotterêts.

British troops passed through Vauxbuin twice: during the first Battle of the Marne (6 to 10 September 1914) on their way to the Chemin des Dames, where they stayed until mid-October, and during the fighting of the spring and summer of 1918 after the German offensive of 27 May: Operation Blücher.


The Vauxbuin site, laid out in 1919, sits on 16,096 m² and contains the remains of 4,916 soldiers, 4,899 killed in the Great War and 17 killed in World War II.

This cemetery brought together bodies from temporary military cemeteries such as Longpont (628 bodies), Cerseuil, Longueval, Missy-sur-Aisne, Saint-Christophe in Soissons, Oulchy-le-Château, Jouy and Nanteuilla-Fosse. Among these soldiers, 3,958 are buried in individual and collective tombs, and 940 in two ossuaries. There is also one Russian tomb. A military plot contains the remains of 281 British soldiers from the British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F.) who came through Vauxbuin twice. 53 of the identified tombs correspond to the year 1914.



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