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The Museum, inaugurated on the 9 November 1999 in the presence of His Excellency Bénédict de Tscharner, the Swiss Ambassador to France, is the only one to tell the history of the Swiss Guards in the service of the king of France.

The Franco-Swiss Museum in Rueil-Malmaison is in the former guardhouse of the Swiss barracks in Rueil-Malmaison. On its two floors it presents the history of this elite regiment that became permanent in 1616. History of the Swiss Guards The place where this brand new Franco-Swiss Museum was created is the most appropriate that could ever be imagined, for not only is it in Rueil which was once one of the most Swiss areas of France, but it is in the very place occupied by the famous regiment of Swiss Guards created by Louis XIII in 1616. For decades the population of Rueil lived in close contact with the Swiss Guards, who became an integral part of their daily lives, to the point of becoming integrated into the families of Rueil. In 1755, Louis XV had a barracks built in Rueil by Charles Axel Guillaumo to house 800 guards from the 2nd battalion of the Swiss Guards regiments, who had formerly lodged with local families. The destruction of the regiment would not mark the definitive end of a Swiss presence in Rueil. Under the Restoration, between 1816 and 1830, the barracks was to welcome back two battalions of Swiss Guards.

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    The museum. Source: Franco-Swiss Museum The museum. Source: Franco-Swiss Museum

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    Museum entrance. Source: Franco-Swiss Museum

Sources: "The Friends of the Franco-Swiss Museum" Association

The museum Of the three barracks required under Louis XV to house the Swiss Guards, the only one that survives is the one in Rueil. The Courbevoie barracks was destroyed in 1962 and the one in Saint-Denis demolished in 1969. Shortly afterwards, on 28th August 1974, the façades and roofs of the main building and the four houses on the barracks road in Rueil became listed as historic monuments. The museum is in the former guardhouse of this barracks, the only one to survive of the three that were built at the same time. On its two floors it presents the history of this elite regiment that became permanent in 1616.
Franco-Swiss Museum Guardhouse of the Swiss Barracks (Guynemer Barracks) 5, place du général Leclerc 92501 Rueil-Malmaison Tel.: Fax: Opening Times Every Thursday from 2.30 pm until 6 pm By appointment Closed for annual holidays in July and August Charges Entrance charge: 2 €