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Florilèges - Contents 2015

Educational actions conducted by the editorial team at the Office for Educational Activities and Information (BAPI) at the Ministry of Defence - DMPA/SDMAE/BAPI with the assistance of witnesses of the Resistance, students and their teachers...

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18 June 18, 2015 - National ceremony at Mont-Valérien

Pictures of the event with middle school and high school students in Courbevoie (92)



Tribute to the Prefect Jean Moulin - 17 June 2015 in the Panthéon

Running of the ceremony



Work by pupils

at L'Oiselet Lycée in Bourgoin-Jallieu (38)

Educational action - "Fallout"



"Panthéon 2015"

Winners of the video contest



Crossed views of the CNRD

Intergenerational testimonials


Report at the core of the event

8 May 2015 Ceremonies - Arc de Triomphe – Paris