Mont-de-Marsan, Saint-Pierre-du-Mont and area

First and Second World War remembrance trails

This is a useful guide for anyone interested in exploring the sites associated with the events of the two world wars that had a major impact on local life.


Due to the distance separating it from the front, the area of Mont-de-Marsan and Saint-Pierre-du-Mont was not particularly affected by the fighting of the First and Second World Wars.


Nevertheless, like many other towns in France, it felt the direct and indirect consequences of the conflicts, in particular with the departure of its infantry regiments in August 1914 and the arrival of the first German prisoners of war, and the establishment of the Demarcation Line in 1940.


In 1944, the bombing of the German airbase and the fighting on Bats Bridge would punctuate the road to liberation.


Without claiming to be exhaustive, this document seeks to chart the most significant events and the sites associated with them.



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