Bernard Mercier

Testimony - A Headmaster *

> What does the CNRD represent for you?

The CNRD is an exceptional activity for young people who are often history fans.

The way this exercise is organised fosters knowledge, research, reflection and an effort of remembrance while creating a link between generations. 


>  What purpose do you think it has today?


The CNRD is useful in that it perpetuates among students the memory of the sacrifices made to combat barbarism and restore Republican values, it develops a sense of obligation to remember and the values of freedom and democracy.

It offers young people the opportunity to meet participants and witnesses of the second world war.

The CNRD also helps students deepen their knowledge of the second world war, reminding them of the values and the ideal defended by the resistance during the war and also reinforcing our message of citizenship based on the values of the Republic.


> What will the CNRD be like in 20 years time in your opinion?


A competition, an activity to resist oblivion, by expanding it to take in the current context, an exhibition or even an option for the baccalaureate examination?  …. A non-school competition, open to all?



An integration into the new civic education syllabus aimed at enabling the principles that founded the Republic and democracy to be grasped in a free and enlightened way.


The goal of this new teaching is to convey a set of common values: dignity, freedom, equality between women and men, solidarity, secularism...


... It is based on a benevolent and demanding education system that promotes self-esteem, moral 



* Simone Weil Secondary School (43)

Ministry of Defence - SGA/DMPA/SDMAE/BAPI - Report by Marie-Christine Caubet. Iconographic sources:

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