Educational remembrance tourism

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Every year, 12 million people visit the remembrance sites, including one million schoolchildren. This trend is testament to the importance of remembrance tourism to defence education. Indeed, nearly all the educational projects supported by the Directorate for Heritage, Remembrance and Archives (DPMA) now include a visit to a remembrance site in France or abroad. This demonstrates the civic and educational dimension of remembrance tourism.


Educational remembrance tourism has become very popular in recent years. To help teachers plan their school trips, the DPMA has put together a list of the educational offerings of over 200 remembrance sites in France (workshops, exhibitions, guided tours). To make searching easier, it has been divided into regions and education authorities.


Coming soon, the defence education platform on the Chemins de Mémoire website will be equipped with a new search engine to enable teachers and families to search for a remembrance site or educational offering that is suitable for a young audience.