Lettre d'adieu de Guy Môquet

Corps 1
My dear little mama, my adored little brother, my beloved little papa, I am going to die! What I ask you, and especially you, my little mama, is to be brave. I am, and I want to be as brave as those who have gone before me. Of course I would rather live. But what I wish with all my heart is for my death to accomplish something. I did not have the time to kiss Jean goodbye. I kissed my brothers Roger and Rino (1). Alas I cannot do it in person! I hope all my belongings will be sent to you. Serge might be able to use them. I hope he wears them proudly one day. Farewell, little Papa, you who worried about me so much, and little Mama, one last time. Know that I did my best to follow the path you showed me. A last farewell to all my friends and to my brother whom I love very much. He should study to become a man one day. 17 and a half! My life has been short! I have no regrets, if not that of leaving you all. I am going to die with Tintin, Michels (2). Mama, what I ask you, what I want you to promise me, is to be brave and overcome your grief. I do not want to write anything else. I am leaving you all, you, Mama, Serge, Papa, I kiss you with all my child's heart. Courage! Your Guy who loves you (1) Roger and Rino are "brothers" in arms. (2) Tintin means Jean-Pierre Timbaud. Michels is Charles Michels. Both were executed with Guy.