The Memorial of Camarón in Mexico

Célébration de la bataille de Camerone le 30 avril 2010. ©2rei.legion-etrangè


The Memorial of Camarón in Mexico commemorates the battle of 30 April 1863 during the Mexican Expedition of 1861-67 by the 3rd Company of the Foreign Regiment under the command of Captain Danjou.


The monument pays tribute to “military valour”.

It stands in the spot where on 30 April 1863 a battle took place in which 3rd Company of the Foreign Regiment won fame during the French intervention in Mexico under the Second Empire.

65 legionnaires, taking refuge on a farm in Camarón, stood up to 2,000 Mexican guerrillas. In 1906, the anniversary of this battle was named the Festival of the Foreign Legion.


The present building was constructed between 1962 and 1965. Captain Danjou and his men were first buried in a communal grave on 1 May 1863.

In 1892, the French Consul in Veracruz organised the making of a single grave. Finally on 6 April 1963, the ashes of the legionnaires were transferred to the current site. It is situated in the town of Camarón de Tejeda, formerly Camarón, in the State of Veracruz, 60 km from its eponymous capital. The building was erected 500 metres from village, along the road that leads to the municipal cemetery. It stands in 10 acres of grounds. The memorial itself is made of a concrete platform covering 2.5 acres that houses the collective grave of the legionnaires of the 3rd Company of the Foreign Regiment.

The site has been the private property of the "Camarón “association (Camarón Civil Association) since 1966; they are responsible for managing and maintaining the site with the financial support of the Department of Remembrance, Heritage and Archives.

Each year, a commemorative ceremony brings together the Camarón council, the Mexican authorities (Veracruz’ government), detachments from the army and the navy as well as neighbouring school communities and a number of delegations.


Camarón Association

Presa Azucar no. 42 Col. Irrigación 11500 Mexico, D.F.

Tel: 55 52 22 08

  • Mémorial de Camerone. Source : Musée du Souvenir de la Légion étrangère
  • Le capitaine Danjou. Source :
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