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Abri de Bichel Sud

Abri du Bichel-Sud. Source http://www.mylorraine.fr

This infantry shelter was designed for interval troops, the 80 men of the 167th Fortress Infantry Regiment

The Abri de Bichel Sud (South Bichel Infantry Shelter) was designed for interval troops, the 80 men of the 167th Fortress Infantry Regiment. For this it was equipped with two diesel engines providing lighting and, more importantly, perfect ventilation. For food, a wood-burning stove was used to make hot meals. A coal-fired boiler provided heating for the entire unit thanks to a radiator system installed on the ventilation. The unit had chemical toilets and a bathroom with running water. The shelter was only equipped with weapons to ensure its own security, i.e.: 5 slits in the concrete for 24/29-model machine guns, 2 slits for 24/29-model machine guns grafted onto the armoured doors, 2 GFM cloches (lookout– machine gun) that could be equipped with machine guns, 50-mm mortars, periscopes and various observation devices. The shelter is currently undergoing restoration work.

The Abri de Bichel Sud shelter is located near the village of Elzange

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  • Abri de Bichel Sud. Source : Olivier TERVER, Président de l'Association de l'Abri du Bichel-Sud
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