Fortified town of Collioure

Royal Château of Collioure. Source :

Collioure’s château is built on top of ancient Roman buildings, transformed during the Visigothic period.

In 1808, while inspecting the construction of Fort Boyard, Napoleon decided he wanted to complete the defence system protecting Rochefort harbour by erecting a fort on the highest point on Aix, at the furthest tip of the island. Square shaped, this fortified structure measuring over 90 metres on each side is made of brick and entirely fortified. Four galleries run from each corner of the interior courtyard to connect the casemates placed beneath the bastions, each curtain wall holding four casemates whose purpose was to provide shelter for the troops. Protected by a thick embankment covered in a grass glacis, the fort was surmounted by an impressive covered way. 

Due to the immense scale of the site, the restoration work was concentrated on the best-preserved sections but also and above all on the footprint of the “third" fort that would be precisely built in the “exploded” fashion that would spearhead an innovative approach to the organisation of fortified structures. The footprint covers an area of 20 hectares. The structures undergoing restoration house many original objects and items of technical equipment that are being restored one by one, returned to their proper context and explained.

Collioure’s château is built on top of ancient Roman buildings, transformed during the Visigothic period.

Collioure, located on a narrow coastal plain, held a strategic position for the defence of Roussillon and the border transport routes and its port that opens out into the Mediterranean. The Kings of Majorca, who used the fort as their summer residence, created its current layout between 1242 and 1280.


By the late Middle Ages, the château formed an irregular quadrilateral composed of four fronts.


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