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This fort was built in 1670 to protect the town of Amélie les Bains.


Fort des Bains is situated at the confluence of the Tech and the Montdony, on the Prats-de-Mollo road. It was built in 1670 by order of the Count of Chamilly to protect the town of Amélie les Bains (formerly Les Bains d'Arles). The plans were drafted by the engineer Saint Hilaire (or Saint Hillaire). Upon his second inspection in Roussillon, Vauban made a few improvements, but did not make the place a strategic element in his system of defense on the Spanish border.

The principles of bastioned fortification on a nearly square plan (one bastion at each corner) were adopted to the land and to the existing structure.


During the revolutionary war between France and Spain, the fort's garrison, which consisted of 440 men under field marshal Michel-Jean-Paul Daudiès (1763-1839), resisted Catalonian troops until their supplies ran out.


In 1888, the fort was the subject of a proposal to defend the Pyrenees, but the project was never followed up.


The building has been a listed historical monument since 18th December 1909.


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  • The fort in 1930 Source: Postcard

  • Model of the fort. Source: Musée des Plans Reliefs – Invalides

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