Memorial Museum to the Battle of the Atlantic in Camaret

Musée mémorial de la bataille de l'Atlantique. Source :

Located in the village of Camaret, the Memorial Museum to the Battle of the Atlantic is entirely housed in a blockhouse.

This museum, in Camaret near Brest, has been installed in the bunkers of the Kerbonn battery in Pointe de Penhir. These old bunkers on the Atlantic Wall were built on the ruins of a Third Republic-style fort, itself constructed on fortifications built by Vauban. Geographically this place was made for fortresses!

The superb site overlooks the sea from atop a vertiginous cliff.

Nearby off the coast, a large granite riprap, the Lion of Toulinguet, faces Pointe Saint-Mathieu and marks the north entrance of the Brest bottleneck. To the far west of Point de Penhir was erected, on the request of General De Gaulle, a Cross of Lorraine-shaped monument that commemorates the Breton sailors, the first men to join the France Libre resistance organisation.

The museum is the only one in continental Europe dedicated to the Battle of the Atlantic. If it had been won by the Germany navy, the United Kingdom could not have been used as a base that served to help liberate western Europe. It also pays tribute to all the sailors, whose average age was 20, lost at sea.

Maps allow visitors to track the losses incurred by the merchant navy and German submarines geographically and chronologically.

In its small space, the museum presents photos, maps and models to show a complete overview of everything the Battle of the Atlantic represented. Although this museum is the work of passionate patriots, the historical balance between the two sides has been thoughtfully respected. The museum celebrates, amongst other subjects, the memory of the Free French Navy Forces whose flag is on display. The majority of the men fighting for the Free French Navy Forces came from Brittany. The memory of the sea fishermen from the Ile de Sein who collectively rallied to the support of France Libre is kept alive today.

Special attention is given to the crews working on the merchant ships. These men are the great forgotten participants in the victory. If their ship was torpedoed, they had a fifty percent chance of survival. This probability was reduced to almost zero for crews on oil tankers, vessels carrying munitions or Arctic convoys.


Memorial Museum to the Battle of the Atlantic in Camaret

Fort de Kerbornn B.P. 44 29570 Camaret

Tel: +33 (0)2 98 27 92 58


Opening dates and times: 

Every day during school holidays from 10 am to 7 pm.

By appointment for groups.

Parking for around 50 cars.


Getting there:

From Crozon follow the signs for Camaret then Pointe de Penhir.



Adults: 3 €

Children: 2 €

Family ticket for two adults and two children or more

Free for war veterans, military, school, holiday camps and students.


Tourist Information Office

15, Quai Kleber B.P. 16 29570 Camaret-sur-Mer

Tel: +33 (0)2 98 27 93 60

Fax: +33 (0)2 98 27 87 22




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  • The beautiful site. Source: MINDEF/SGA/DMPA

  • The map detailing the losses. Source: MINDEF/SGA/DMPA

  • The FNFL flag. Source: MINDEF/SGA/DMPA

  • The museum. Source: MINDEF/SGA/DMPA

  • Submarine cannon. Source: MINDEF/SGA/DMPA

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    Fort de Kerbornn 29570
    02 98 27 92 58


    Adults: €3 Children: €2 Free: free for war veterans, military, school, holiday camps and students.

    Weekly opening hours

    School holidays: every day from 10 am to 7 pm. By appointment for groups.