Bonifacio Citadel

Haute ville de Bonifacio. Source : © GHIRARDI - License Creative Commons - Libre de droit

The citadel of Bonifacio was the first fortified town in Corsica.

While the citadel in Bastia evokes the long domination of the island by the Genoese, the citadel of Bonifacio can lay claim to being the first fortified town in Corsica. In the name of the Pope, Lord Boniface ordered the building of a fortress in 830 to which he then gave his name. It was later modified and enlarged to keep up with military technical advances. Situated to the west of the town high on a narrow plateau, the citadel was built to protect the southern coast from the incursions of the Saracens.

  • Bonifacio Citadel. Photo ECPAd

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