"Small remembrance artists and memory bubbles"

Pictures of the ceremony in Paris on 10 November, 2015

On the eve of the 11 November 2015 commemorations in Paris, the prestigious Salon du Musée de l'Armée, at Les Invalides,

was host to the now traditional "Petits artistes de la Mémoire" prize-giving ceremony, 

but also and for the first time, the 'Bulles de Mémoire' award, both organized by the ONAC.


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Close to 500 classes took part and there were 30 award winners. These classes came from all over France and even from overseas territories to attend the ceremony and were impressed by the solemn aspect of the venue.


The young pupils were accompanied by their teachers for the presentation of the awards by Jean-Jacques Todeschini, Secretary of State to the Minister of Defence, responsible for War Veterans and Remembrance. Pride and emotion were present!


The DMPA, the institutional partner for veteran foundations and associations, (CARAC, Souvenir Français, Gueules Cassées, Bleuet de France...) and for the Mission du Centenaire, was represented by Renaud Ferrand, Deputy Director for remembrance and educational actions.


The DMPA awarded prizes to the Grenoble and New Caledonia Academies as well as an artistic award to a school in l'Orne.


The First National Prize was awarded to Cardu school in Bastia in Haute-Corse.



Just three days before the tragic events that rocked France, these awareness raising actions among young people around artistic and educational projects took on a special dimension: they stand out as an essential way to waken young consciences and combat intolerance and fanaticism. 

Ministry of Defence - SGA/DMPA/SDMAE/BAPI - Report: Marie-Christine Caubet - Photos: Jacques Robert