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Resistance and Deportation History Centre

Salle du musée. Source : Le C.H.R.D.



Over the past twenty years, this indispensable place of remembrance has welcomed over one million visitors, making it one of the most important museums of World War II history in France. It is symbolically located in the former Military Health College, which was occupied by the Gestapo between 1943 and 1944.



To celebrate this anniversary, the Museum has set up a new permanent exhibition after a full year of work. The emphasis has been placed on concrete content based on new tangible and intangible elements: items from the collection and eyewitness accounts. The museum itinerary was designed along the walls of the historical building, the former Gestapo headquarters in Lyon.
While the historical approach to this period has acquired new momentum thanks to university research, and the Lyon metropolitan area has acquired new facilities – the home of Doctor Dugoujon, where Jean Moulin was arrested on 21 June 1943, and Montluc Prison – bringing together the notion of repression of the Resistance and persecution of the Jewish population, the theme needed to be reoriented toward a more pragmatic approach to the history of the Resistance, its repression and the social and political context in Lyon between 1940 and 1945.
Showcasing the museum’s collections, presenting the latest developments in historical research, revealing the specific features of the city of Lyon during the war and reflecting on the history of the building are some of the objectives that the new exhibition seeks to achieve.


An updated scenographic presentation


Some thirty audiovisual points related to the chronology or to an object present the voices of eyewitnesses to provide a sensitive counterpoint to the historical discovery of the events, encouraging an encounter that the progressive disappearance of the eyewitnesses has made precious and irreplaceable.


The collections

For the very first time, the Museum’s collections will be showcased in a 300 m² itinerary, mainly focusing on the unique features of the Resistance in the urban context of the city of Lyon. This comprises the heart of the new project.


Photographic Archives

The new exhibition also highlights the work of three renowned photographers of the period: André Gamet, Charles Bobenrieth and Émile Rougé.


Educational department


The Museum proposes a new, expanded offer to students and teachers to help them to discover and understand the new exhibition.
As we advance into “History”, the CHRD now has a tool for reflection and discussions with this new permanent exhibition to help our contemporaries to understand the complex world around us.


Centre d'Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation

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