Longues-sur-Mer Battery

Bunker du Mur de l'Atlantique à Longues-sur-Mer. Source : GNU Free Documentation License

Part of the German Atlantic Wall defences 8 km north of Bayeux.

Part of the German Atlantic Wall defences, the Longues-sur-Mer battery is located 8 km north of Bayeux, in the Calvados département. Located to the west of Arromanches-les-Bains in Normandy, Longues-sur-Mer overlooks the ocean from the top of a 65-metre high cliff, making it an ideal position for the Germans to install a battery of four 150 mm cannon. It is one of the few remains of the Atlantic Wall still intact.

Starting at 0530 on 6th June 1944, several cruisers and a battleship bombarded the position. But when the landing fleet arrived offshore, the battery opened fire itself. HMS Ajax retreated one kilometre offshore. The German cannons ceased fire briefly then began again; the last gun continued firing until 1700 hours. The Longues-sur-Mer battery surrendered to the British the following day along with the184 men of the garrison. Four 150mm cannons with a range of 19.5 kilometres were mounted in this battery. A firing post, barely finished by 6th June 1944, was installed alongside the cliff.
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  • Batterie de Longues-sur-Mer. Source : ECPAD

  • Batterie de Longues-sur-Mer. Source : Régis Hidalgo

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