30th anniversary of the end of the Gulf War (Operation Daguet)

February 1991, Rafha (Saudi Arabia) - Pictured against the sunset, a member of the French Marine Infantry Tank Regiment (RICM) stands on the lookout outside his foxhole at Camp Olive, shortly before the land offensive.
Michel Riehl - ECPAD


Corps 1

On 24 February 1991, after several days of intense air strikes, French troops of the Daguet Division launched an attack on the enemy positions. Penetrating 150 km into Iraqi territory, they achieved their objectives in 48 hours and thus played an active part in the liberation of Kuwait, alongside the UN-mandated international coalition.

US general Norman Schwarzkopf, commander-in-chief of the Allied forces in Operation Desert Storm, was to say later:

“Few people know that at the end of the first day of the ground attack, having made a fantastic breakthrough, French forces were located in the most northerly and westerly positions. It was they who had driven deepest into Iraq. They successfully completed the missions assigned to them, and in the most formidable way.” 


Click here to watch the video of the ceremony presided over by the Minister for Remembrance and Veterans, to mark the anniversary of Operation Daguet



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