The CWGC Experience

Behind the scenes of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

 >> Take a look behind the scenes at the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), which honours the memory of those soldiers killed throughout the world in the two world wars.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is over a century old. For the first time, visitors can take a look behind the scenes at the work that is needed to commemorate the 1.7 million Commonwealth casualties from the First and Second World Wars.

The CWGC Experience is a unique new visitor attraction that shines a light on the work of the remarkable organisation at the heart of remembrance of the war dead.

Our free audio guide will walk you through each aspect of the work we do: from the story of how we still recover and rebury the dead today, to the skilled artisan craftsmen at work maintaining the world’s most impressive and recognisable monuments and memorials, a trip to the battlefields of the Western Front is not complete without a visit to the CWGC Experience.

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    5-7 rue Angèle Richard - 62217
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    Admission - Free - Parking reservation charge for vehicles with over 12 seats: € 20 / Over 20-seaters: € 50

    Weekly opening hours

    9H – 16H

    Fermetures annuelles

    December and January

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