La Caverne du Dragon

La Caverne du Dragon. Source:©beatrice

La Caverne du Dragon, Oulches la Vallée Foulon.

Nicknamed the Dragon's Cave ('Drachenhöhle') by German soldiers, this former quarry dates back to the 16th century and was operated until the 19th. In January 1915, German units began converting it into a complete underground barracks with both firing and command posts.


But the cave was much more than that; it provided the soldiers with a haven of peace, a place where they could rest and relax away from the fighting above ground. It included dormitories, a first aid post and a chapel. It was fitted with electricity and water, for basic comfort and hygiene. From mid-September to 2nd November 1917, German and French troops both lived in the cave. Walls built during the German Occupation to prevent access to the cave and defend against gas attacks separated the two sides inside the cave.


The new building overlooks the Aisne Valley, offering breathtaking views. Converted into a Remembrance Museum, the Dragon's Cave recreates the daily lives of the soldiers through modern animation methods, objects, sounds, videos and archive images. Now enlarged and brought to life by the staging design, the Cave's secrets are ours to share.

The Dragon's Cave

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Caverne du Dragon



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