The Leintrey national cemetery

The shell-holes

La nécropole nationale de Leintrey. © ECPAD


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Known as the "nécropole des entonnoirs" or shell-hole cemetery, this national military cemetery preserves the memory of French soldiers who died during the night of 10-11 July 1916 when five German mines buried under their trenches exploded. These shell-holes are the most significant remains of the mine war on the Lorraine front.

Nearby a monument was built in memory of Lieutenant Nissim de Camondo (1892-1917) and his observer, Lieutenant Lucien Des Essarts, who were shot down on 5 September 1917 on board their Farman 130 during a photographic mission over Leintrey. Nissim's body was first buried by the Germans at Efringen-Avricourt, then returned in 1919 to rest in the Montmartre cemetery. Devastated by the loss of his son the father, Moïse de Camondo, a rich Jewish banker whose daughter was deported to Auchwitz in 1944, donated his collection of 18th century works of art to France. The Nissim-de-Camondo museum in Paris is therefore testament to the weight of the mourning and affliction of a father overwhelmed by the loss of his son. At Domjevin, an imposing underground surgical ambulance station has been preserved. Dug out between July 1916 and January 1918 this hospital, which contained the latest equipment, was not however put to use.


  • La nécropole nationale de Leintrey. © ECPAD

  • La nécropole nationale de Leintrey. © ECPAD

  • La nécropole nationale de Leintrey. © Guillaume Pichard

  • La nécropole nationale de Leintrey. © Guillaume Guichard

  • La nécropole nationale de Leintrey. © ECPAD

  • La nécropole nationale de Leintrey. © Guillaume Guichard

  • Boyau de communication près de Leintray, septembre 1915. © Collections BDIC

  • Construction d'une sape, septembre 1915. © Collections BDIC

  • Fantassins français munis de cagoules, septembre 1915. © Collections BDIC

  • Déjeuner dans une tranchée de 1re ligne, Leintrey, septembre 1915. © Collections BDIC

  • Guetteur français observant au périscope une tranchée ennemie, septembre 1915. © Collections BDIC

  • Tranchée de 1re ligne dans le secteur de Leintrey, janvier 1916. © Collections BDIC

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