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Le Mémorial à la division galloise. ©Michael Yare

The Welsh Division memorial in Mametz, the Dragon, depicts Wales protecting France from the Germans.

Welsh Division Memorial (Mémorial à la division galloise )

The 7th British Division skirted Fricourt Salient by the south and took the village on the afternoon of 1 July 1916. But the name Mametz has remained associated with the woods on the north east. This pocket of resistance handicapped efforts to advance eastward but fell (almost completely) into the 3rd Welsh Division's hands on 12 July 1916 after eight days of fierce fighting that took a brutal human toll. A plaque affixed to the memorial in 1994 remembers the Manchester regiment. The Welsh Division memorial. A memorial to the 38th Welsh Division was inaugurated on 11 July 1987, which sustained heavy losses between 3 and 12 July 1916 in Mametz Wood. The monument - a red dragon flapping its wings, spitting fire and crushing barbed wire - is of course Wales' emblem. This mythical creature is ambivalent; it may be good or evil, and angelic or demonic. At Mametz, it symbolizes Wales protecting France against the Germans.
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  • Welsh Division Memorial (Mémorial à la division galloise). Photo: SGA/DMPA - JP Le Padellec

  • Welsh Division Memorial (Mémorial à la division dalloise). Photo: SGA/DMPA - JP Le Padellec

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