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Located in the former chaplaincy of the marine school, the marines museum is, with the Brest navy academy, the only museum dedicated to the history of France's navy.


The museum tour will explain to visitors all about:


  • The first royal troops created by Richelieu in 1622 intended for shipborne battle.

  • The first modern sailors.

  • The marines from the great war and the Ronarc'h brigade to the landing companies of the eastern front.

  • The first commandos formed in England.

  • The marine regiments of the Second World War.

  • The engagement of the land and waterway units of the navy during the Indochina War.

  • The commando and sailor operations of the AFN.

  • The history of the navy school

  • The navy today.


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Base fusiliers marins
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  • Façade du musée. ©Musée des fusiliers-marins

  • Jean-Louis, le symbole des fusiliers-marins. ©Musée des fusiliers-marins

  • Salle 1939-45 B. ©Musée des fusiliers-marins

  • Salle 1939-45. ©Musée des fusiliers-marins

  • ©Musée des fusiliers-marins

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    Base fusiliers marins – BP 92 222 56998


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