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The Noble Tower Resistance Memorial

The Noble Tower now houses the Resistance Memorial. Source: © Office de Tourisme de Lille – Photo: © Damien - Zoom sur Lille

The Noble Tower holds an urn containing the ashes and remains of prisoners who were deported and cremated in the death camps. The cover of the urn bears the names of these camps.

Built at the beginning of the 15th century (in 1402), the Noble Tower was completed under King Philippe the Good. Designed using regional materials (Lezennes stone), it is covered with earth for protection against the cold and fire, with a width of 14 m and walls that are 3-m thick. The masonry and mouldings date from the Burgundy period. The “Noble Tower” has existed for 6 centuries.

Destroyed during Louis XIV’s siege, it was restored by Vauban. The upper section is missing, however, as is the ground floor, which has been buried. Inside we can admire the gothic vault and the urn symbolising the Martyrdom of the Deportees.


The urn inside the Noble Tower contains the ashes and cremated remains of deportees who were horribly murdered in the death camps. The cover, in bronze, bears the names of the camps in raised lettering.

Departmental Resistance and Deportation Memorial
Rue des Déportés in Lille

The site is open to the public during commemorative events, such as the last Sunday in April each year for the Deportation Commemoration Day and for the Historic Monuments Open House Days in September.

Information: for group visits, contact the Cultural Service at +33 (0)3 20 49 52 81.

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  • Noble Tour abrite aujourd'hui le Mémorial de la Résistance. Source : © Office de Tourisme de Lille - Photo : © Damien - Zoom sur Lille

  • L'urne funéraire. Source : Photo Ph. Beele/SICM

  • La Noble Tour dans le quartier de Lille-Centre à Lille (Nord). Construite au début du XVème siècle,
    c'est le plus vieil édifice fortifié de Lille. Source : GNU Free Documentation License

  • Vues de la tour. Source : Photo Ph Beele/SCIM

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    visite le dimanche de 15 h à 17 h, d'avril à novembre et sur rdv.. Mémorial accessible au public le dernier dimanche d'avril, la Journée de la Déportation et les journées Portes Ouvertes des Monuments Historiques en septembre.