Raymond Séré de Rivières

Raymond Séré de Rivières Photo SHAT


Born in Albi May 20th 1815, Politechnician, engineer officer, General of the brigade in 1871.

1862 : he organises the fortified place of Nice.

1864-68 : he builds four forts in Metz.

1869 : he fortifies Langres.

1870 : he fortifies Lyon.

1871 : leads the Army engineers of the East; then he takes part in the operations against the Communards (insurgent soldiers of the Commune of Paris). To achieve this objective he besieged several fortifications. Later on he will have the task preparing the case of Marchal Bazaine's trial.

1872 : he is appointed Secretary of the defence Committee, created by the President of the Republic A. Thiers.

1874 : appointed chef of the army engineers department, he can apply his principles of fortification. Promoted general of the division, between 1874 and 1880 he built a fortified system from Dunkirk in Toulon which bears his name. The purpose of the system is to protect the mobilization and therefore force the potential invaders to go into a predetermined geographical gorge which defense support were expecting them.

1880 : in January ,at the age of 65 years he is replaced by his successor General Cosseron de Villenoisy, who completed his works.

General Sere de Rivieres based to Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris : Division 95, went 4; monument 59