South Korea 74th anniversary of the UN Charter

On 24 October 2019, which marked the anniversary of the entry into force of the United Nations Charter, the French Ambassador to South Korea, Philippe Lefort, took part in a ceremony at Busan cemetery in honour of the victims and veterans of the Korean War. The French representative, who is also president of the Commission for the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea (CUNMCK), remembered the courage of the soldiers who fought in Korea and paid tribute to those who died.

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At the same event, the UN flag used during the Korean War and recently restored was returned to the cemetery.

The ambassador then chaired a session of CUNMCK. Comprised of representatives of the 11 countries whose soldiers were killed and are buried here, CUNMCK manages the cemetery and preserves the dignity of the site. Before handing over the presidency to the Netherlands in 2020, France wanted to make the cemetery more visible and better known, so as to preserve the memory of the Korean War and ensure it was passed on.

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Ministry of the Armed Forces/DPMA/SDMAE/BAPI (Office for Educational Actions and Information) – Text by Thomas Chevalier - Photo credit: French Embassy