11 November as narrated by Marshal Foch

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[...] At 5:05 there is agreement on the final text. It was decided that in order to stop hostilities as soon as possible, the last page of this text was to be typed and signed immediately. At 5:10, the Allied and German Plenipotentiaries signed the document. The conventional time of 5 o' clock was chosen as official signing time. [...]

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Marshal Foch declared the meeting over and the German delegates withdrew. The following telegram was immediately sent to the entire front by radio and message phoned to the Chief commanders:

1. Hostilities will cease on the entire front on November 11 at 11 o'clock, French time.

2. Allied troops shall not exceed the line reached on this date and this time until further notice. Record this line precisely.

3. Any communication with the enemy is prohibited until receipt of the instructions sent to army commanders.

In the course of the morning, the various documents were delivered to the German plenipotentiaries. Their train left Rethondes garage at 11:30 for Tergnier where they had their cars. At their request, all facilities were given to the German captain Geyer to go by plane to the German headquarters with documents and the map. This officer left the Tergnier airstrip by plane at 12.30. [...]

On 11 November at 11 o'clock, hostilities by the Allied armies ceased over the entire front. An impressive silence followed nearly fifty-two months of battle. People could see peace being restored to the world. The next day, I sent my congratulations to the Allied armies:

Officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers of the Allied armies. After firmly stopping the enemy, for months, with tireless faith and energy, you attacked them relentlessly. You have won the greatest battle in history and saved the most sacred cause: freedom in the world. be proud! with immortal glory you have adorned your flags. posterity shall show you its gratitude.

Marshal of France, Commander in Chief of the allied armies: F Foch.

Mémoires Pour servir à l'Histoire de Guerre 1914-1918, Marshal Foch

  • Le maréchal Foch. Source : SHD