The Glières-Morette Necropolis

Les Glières de Morette

La nécropole nationale de Thônes. © ECPAD


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The cemetery took on its final form in autumn 1945. It contains 105 graves, including 88 containing Maquisards from the Glières plateau. The stories of most of these men are recorded in the museum that the Glières survivors association began erecting in 1962.

The site was given the status of a national military cemetery on 5th February 1949 and in 1984 it became the national necropolis of Glières in Morette, managed by Ministry of Defence which is responsible for these heritage sites.


The spirit of Glières

The Haute-Savoie was liberated by Resistance forces, acting alone, on 19th August 1944.

Glières was glorified by Free France radio in London as the true image of the France to be liberated in contrast to the subservient, corrupt France of the Vichy regime. With men from different Resistance forces and with forced labour evaders from all over France, from all backgrounds, of all persuasions and of every religion, with their motto “live in freedom or die”, the men of Glières restored France’s scorned and betrayed values, movingly illustrated by the Morette necropolis, with its stars of David among the Latin crosses and the cockades of the Spanish Republic alongside the French cockade.

Keeping the spirit of Glières alive

Today, with the support of the Association des Glières, staff from the heritage and citizenship department of the Haute-Savoie council welcome and guide the thousands of visitors who come every year.

Among them, the citizenship education of thousands of schoolchildren who come to Morette and the Glières plateau under their teachers’ supervision is enhanced by these inspiring sites, which show them what France represents and how we should live together despite our differences: the France of liberty, equality and fraternity.


  • La nécropole nationale de Thônes. © ECPAD

  • La nécropole nationale de Thônes. © ECPAD

  • La nécropole nationale de Thônes. © ECPAD

  • La nécropole nationale de Thônes. © ECPAD

  • La nécropole nationale de Thônes. © ECPAD

  • La nécropole nationale de Thônes. © ECPAD

  • Le lieutenant Théodose Morel, alias Tom. © Coll. Départementales 74 / Fonds Association des Glières

  • Le capitaine Maurice Anjot, alias Bayart. © Coll. Départementales 74/Fonds Association des Glières

  • Sur le plateau, le salut aux couleurs aux ordres de Tom Morel. © Coll. Raymond Perrillat/Association des Glières

  • Les Républicains espagnols, section Ebro. © Coll. Départementales 74/Fonds Raymond Périllat/Fonds Association des Glières

  • 2 mai 1944, transfert des corps de Tom Morel et de Geo Decours du plateau à Morette. © Coll. Raymond Perrillat/Association des Glières

  • Le cimetière de Morette au lendemain des premières inhumations. © Coll. Association des Glières

  • 5 novembre 1944 : l’hommage du général de Gaulle. © Collections départementales 74/Fonds Association des Glières

  • 25 mai 1947 : inauguration par le président de la République, Vincent Auriol. © Collections Association des Glières

  • Insigne individuel distinctif des Rescapés des Glières. © Association des Glières

  • Été 1973, le monument d’Emile Gilioli en construction sur le plateau des Glières. © Association des Glières

  • « Rando Glières » : chaque année, les enfants des écoles montent au plateau par les chemins de mémoire. © Association des Glières

  • Anniversaire des combats des Glières à la Nécropole de Morette. ©  Association des Glières

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