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This memorial was built in 1994 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Normandy

The Coudehard-Montormel Museum, the only one of its kind, is in the heart of the Falaise pocket, where Germany's powerful war machine eventually collapsed under the Allies' blows. The museum includes an outdoormonument-exhibitionand a guided tour inside thememorial, which offers an annual programme, and the battlefield, which people can visit on their own. The monument was built for the battle's 20th anniversary in 1965. Its sober architecture prompts visitors to think about the tragic events that occurred here and commemorates the sacrifice of the Polish soldiers who died "for our freedom and yours". The memorial was built in 1994 to mark the battle's 50th anniversary. Inserted into the side of hill 262, where Polish tanks fought on the afternoon of 19 August 1944, it naturally fits into the landscape. The annual programme, which is open to all, offers guided tours of the Falaise pocket, film screenings and various cultural activities. Near the memorial, the marked "August 1944" route takes visitors past strategic places where fierce fighting occurred during the battle of the Falaise pocket and pays tribute to the soldiers. The Coudehard-Montormel Museum bears witness to the combined efforts of four Allied nations fighting to defeat a common enemy. It is an unforgettable immersion into the hell that was the Battle of Normandy, and a visit provides the opportunity for a rare educational experience.

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