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Following a period of two major overlapping commemorative cycles (the WWI centenary and the 70th anniversary of WWII), 2017 is an important year for laying the foundations of remembrance of the French soldiers who have participated in overseas operations.

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... The desire to remember France's overseas military operations began to find concrete expression on 18 April 2017, with a ceremony to mark the start of construction of the Memorial to French soldiers killed in overseas operations, in Parc André Citroën, Paris.

In step with the dynamic of remembrance that is developing around the theme of overseas operations, the Directorate for Remembrance, Heritage and Archives (DMPA) wanted to launch an initiative to honour our soldiers, raise the general public's awareness, promote this recent memory, educate our young people and strengthen the bond between army and nation.

As France sees an exceptional operational commitment both in overseas conflicts and within its national borders, 2017 is the time to put that military involvement in historical perspective, highlighting the place occupied by France in the world for more than 50 years. External operations today form part of the history of contemporary conflicts. Reflecting on this issue is a way of raising young people's awareness of what that commitment means, how the operations conducted by France have evolved and what are the values inherent to the defence community that drive the men and women who have taken part in military operations, both yesterday and today.