Galgenberg artillery structure

Ouvrage GALGENBERG (A15). Source:

Built starting in 1931, its mission was to control the Moselle Valley...

The Galgenberg artillery structure was built starting in 1931. Its mission was to control the Moselle Valley, and it was from its command centre that the surrounding artillery structures received their orders, which is why it was called “the Guardian of the Moselle”. Due to the firepower of the artillery at Galgenberg and the surrounding structures, the Wehrmacht did not launch any massive attacks against the sector.

Its weaponry comprises an infantry casemate (Blocks 1 and 2), a machine gun turret (Block 3) and an 81-mm turret (Block 4). Block 5 houses an observatory and Block 6 has a 135-mm turret. It could house 445 men. Four 125-horse SGCM engines ensured operations.


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  • Ouvrage du Galgenberg. Source :

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