La Chapelle du Souvenir Français

Chapel. Source : - Le circuit du souvenir

Managed today by the Le Souvenir Français association, this chapel is a shrine of remembrance of France’s participation in the Battle of the Somme.


Taking back the village of Rancourt was important, not just for the pursuit of the offensive’s general direction toward the east, but also in that it cut off the important German lines of communication along the Bapaume-Péronne road. This was the mission entrusted to the 32nd French Army Corps on 25 September 1916. Today, Rancourt has the sad distinction of having 3 cemeteries on its territory: French, British and German. It is also an important site –one of the only ones – preserving the memory of France’s participation in the Battle of the Somme.



Le Souvenir Français Chapel and the French national necropolis

This chapel in ashlar stone was not the result of an official decision, but rather of a private initiative: the du Bos family, natives of the region, wanted to erect a monument to the memory of their son and his comrades in arms killed on 25 September 1916. In 1937, Le Souvenir Français took over management of the building and the memorial. Rancourt Cemetery is the largest French necropolis in the Somme region (8,566 soldiers – 28,000 m²). It attests to the violence of the battles during the last 3 months of the offensive (September – November 1916).


Le Souvenir Français Chapel

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The Somme Tourism Committee will be happy to provide you with any information concerning the Somme Battlefields and the Circuit du Souvenir: commemorations, access, transportation, guided tours for groups and individuals, helicopter tours, accommodation, etc. The Tourism Committee also publishes a range of brochures on Memorial Tourism.


Le Souvenir Français Committee of the Canton of Dun sur Meuse


The Somme 1914-1918


The Somme Tourism Committee



  • Chapelle du Souvenir Français. Source : le guide de visite des champs de bataille

  • Chapelle du Souvenir Français. Source : Le circuit du souvenir

  • Chapelle du Souvenir Français. Source : Le Souvenir français

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