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The on-line Museum of the Resistance (1940-1945) is a virtual museum that can be seen on the Internet at:



AERI has been working for more than ten years to produce CD-ROMs (or DVD-ROMs) on the local Resistance.
It has set up a dynamic network of several hundred people throughout France (teachers, resistance fighters, archivists, historians, students, academics, curators, representatives of local authorities and associations, etc.); acquiring know-how using a methodology for working in a network through a website and skills available to the teams (jurists, cartographers, foreign researchers, etc.); gathering a considerable documentary collection of more than 30,000 documents (posters, tracts, letters, newspapers, photos, audio documents or film archives, etc.), 25,000 historical records (thematic, bibliographical), 50,000 names, 19,000 events, and more than 6,000 places referenced, 20,000 archive and bibliographical references.


This was the source of the idea to create a reference portal site in cooperation with many partners (foundations, ministries, local authorities, museums, archive centres, associations, research centres, etc.) on the period: the on-line Museum of the Resistance (1940-1945). The computer tools used demonstrate the Internet’s contribution in terms of presentation and analysis of documents as well as their educational use.

Thanks to the Internet tool and the related technologies, the on-line Museum of the Resistance has become a site for the general public that is visible because it has a domestic and international dimension, showcasing digital cultural content bringing together resources, diffusing information and guiding the visitor to the appropriate contact.

Since January 2012, the “AERI department” has been pursuing its missions within the Fondation de la Résistance.




The on-line Museum of the Resistance has been open to the public since January 2011, with:

Regional exhibitions: an exhibition on the Drôme has been on line since January 2011.

A provisional exhibition on the Resistance in PACA was posted on line in December 2011.
The definitive exhibition will be ready at the end of 2012 or at the beginning of 2013. For the
Ile-de-France region, work is underway on places of remembrance with a smartphone application.

An exhibition of photos and documents on the clandestine newspaper
Défense de la France” was posted on line in February 2012.

A virtual exhibit on the Libération Nord Resistance movement is being prepared with the “Musée du Général Leclerc de Hauteclocque et de la Libération de Paris-Musée Jean Moulin”.
Work is underway on other exhibitions: the Resistance in the Jura, Ardèche, etc.



Thematic exhibitions: an exhibit of gouaches by Albert Fié (resistance fighter from the Drôme département) presented since January 2011, an exhibit on Serge Ravanel, a struggle for unity since August 2011 and the Eysses, a prison in resistance (1943-1944) exhibit since January 2012; a chapter on the itinerary of resistants from Eysses will be added in 2012. A provisional exhibition on the Jewish Resistance Organisations will be put on line in 2012. An exhibition is being prepared on the history of the Vercors (2014), Resistance insignia and armbands (2013), etc.


Beyond the “Exhibitions” spaces, the virtual museum has a media centre, “media base”, where all the documents exhibited in the virtual museum are listed. Educational workshops for teachers and their students are proposed in the form of a blog. They can work on topics related to the exhibitions, school programmes and the “Concours national de la Résistance et de la Déportation”.



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  • Capture d'écran du site ©AERI

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