Ouvrage de Rohrbach

Ouvrage Rohrbach.. Source : ECPAD

Infantry structure with 3 blocks housing 175 men...

The Ouvrage Rohrbach comprises 2 combat blocks, both of which can be visited, an entrance and a veritable small town dug in under 25 metres of limestone. The crew’s 173 men under the command of Captain de Saint Ferjeux enjoyed the comforts provided by modern kitchens, an electric generator, an effective ventilation system and the barracks. Its weaponry comprised an infantry casemate a 2 AM turret, and an infantry casemate with an AM turret.

Ouvrage Rohrbach is located between Sarreguemines and Bitche (N62) at Rohrbach-les-Bitche, heading toward Guising

The structure can be visited on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays at 3 pm.



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  • Ouvrage de Rohrbach. Source : ECPAD

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