The National Memorial of Les Spahis in La Horgne

in La Horgne

Memorial of Les Spahis. Source:


This memorial pays tribute to the courage, nerve and sacrifice of the Spahis who have died in theatres of operation since 1830


Erected in 1950 on the initiative of the "Burnous", a friendly association of Spahis, the national memorial in La Horgne pays tribute to the courage, nerve and sacrifice of the Spahis who have died in the theatres of operation since 1830.

La Horgne, a village devastated in 1940, was the scene of fierce warfare between sections of the 1st Panzer division of Guderian’s army which, on 13th May 1940, penetrated the French lines in Sedan, and the Spahis.

The men of the 3rd Spahis Brigade (3BS) under Colonel Marc, who had to slow down the German advance, those of the 2nd Regiment of Algerian Spahis under Colonel Burnol, and the 2nd Regiment of Moroccan Spahis under Colonel Geoffroy, held their positions around the village of La Horgne until 15th May. Subject to the attacks of the 1st Panzer division, the Spahis were surrounded and forced to fall back at 17:00 hours.

Several hundred men were killed or wounded, went missing or taken prisoner, along with two corps leaders, the colonels Burnol and Geofrroy. On 15th May 1940, the 3rd Spahis Brigade resisted the German armoured vehicles of the 1st Panzer division for 10 hours. The survivors were grouped into squadrons and took part in the fight until the armistice.


Inscription on the monument: "To the glory of the Spahis killed on the field of honour. Here on the 15th of May 1940, the 3rd Brigade of Mounted Spahis (2nd Algerians and 2nd Moroccans) sacrificed their lives to break the advance of the 1st German Armoured Division. La Horgne, 15th May 1940."


Le Burnous

Association amicale des spahis

18, rue de Vézelay

75008 PARIS



A path comprising 7 stages was inaugurated on 30th May 2010 during the commemorative ceremonies. It presents the historical context, the Spahis, the day of 15th May 1940, the epilogue, the fate of the village of La Horgne, the commemoration and the enemy.


Le Burnous

War monument :

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  • Vue d'ensemble de la commune de La Horgne. Source :

  • Le mémorial national des Spahis. Source : Timothée Fisson

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